1. Please note

a) The party you are contracting with is NewLink Wales, charity Number: 1085545, Registered Company: 4142393.  Meridian Court Business Centre is a project of the NewLink Wales Charity.


2. Bookings

a) Provisional numbers will be asked for at the time of booking and Meridian Court Business Centre reserves the right to stipulate a minimum number to be charged for the event.  Final numbers must be confirmed 5 working days prior to the event (not including the day of the event) and, subject to any minimum number, this will be the number you will be charged for.

b) Meridian Court Business Centre reserves the right to change a designated room after appropriate consultation if the agreed minimum numbers are not to attend the event.  This does not affect any minimum charge.


3. Payment

a) Meridian Court Business Centre expects full payment within a 30 day period; we reserve the right to claim interest on outstanding accounts at the statutory rate.


4. Cancellation by the Customer

a) Should you cancel your booking a charge must be made equivalent to any loss suffered by Meridian Court Business Centre. Costs incurred for any equipment hired by us on your behalf will be added to any cancellation fee.

b) The following percentage of the booking fee will be charged:

• If cancellation occurs up to 1-4 weeks on a small or medium room 50% will be chargeable

• If cancellation occurs up to 1-4 weeks on a large room 90% will be chargeable

• If cancellation occurs less than 1 week before any event 100%

c)  NO CHARGE will be made in the following circumstances:-

• If cancellation occurs more than 4 weeks before any event

• If cancellation occurs more than 14 days before any event when the booking was made within 4 weeks prior to the event

When calculating the above periods the actual day(s) of the event will not be taken into account.

d) If you cancel an event and, in the opinion of the Centre Services Manager, book a similar event within a period of 14 days, 25% of the cancellation charge will be credited to the re-booked event.

5. Cancellation by Meridian Court Business Centre

Meridian Court Business Centre may cancel the booking at any time and without any obligation to you in any of the following circumstances.-

• If Meridian Court Business Centre or any part of it is closed due to fire, alteration or re-decoration, by order of any public authority, or through any reason beyond the Business Centre’s control.

• If you become bankrupt or insolvent or enter into liquidation.

• If you are more than 30 days in arrears with payment to Meridian Court Business Centre for previously supplied services.

• If the event may, in the Central Services Manager’s reasonable opinion, prejudice the reputation of Meridian Court Business Centre  or NewLink Wales.


6. Liabilities

a) Please safeguard your property in the building and car park.  Meridian Court Business Centre cannot accept liability for loss or any damage to property or death or illness of or injury to persons.

b) You will indemnify the Meridian Court Business Centre from and against any and all liability to loss of or damage to property or death or illness of or injury to persons and against any and all claims, costs, demands, proceedings and damages arising there from, as a result of your event.

c) You are advised to consider your insurance cover in respect of (b) above.


7. General

a) No signs, displays, posters or other material may be fixed to the walls of the Conference rooms without the prior authorisation of the Central Services Manager.

b) Pets are not allowed in the buildings or grounds with the exception of guide dogs.

c) Litter: Please ask all delegates to dispose of litter in the bins provided. Please would conference organisers remove excessive conference materials. Any charge levied by the local council for excessive rubbish will be passed onto the conference user.

d) Repairs and Maintenance to the building occasionally must take place during conference hours, whilst disruption will be kept to a minimum, silence cannot be guaranteed.

terms & conditions

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